Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two pages to promote.

Hello Everyone!

Not much to blog about today, it's my birthday (32 this year) and my fiance and I are getting ready to head out to dinner to celebrate.

But I thought I'd promote two other pages here today:

1. Mr. Bryan Wisotsky's blog Storybook Vacations

Bryan's blog is quite good, both on travel and politics. I've guest blogged there myself. Bryan will soon guest blog here in return.

2. Huliq News, a citizen online news source. This is particularly important as it is imperative that we bypass the corporate funded media and look at the insight and the dissent of ordinary citizens. I also write news stories for this page, so naturally I'm prone to advertise it.

Both these web pages have links in my sections "blogroll" and "useful links" respectively. These along with many other pages linked there are rather good sources of information.

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