Thursday, August 13, 2009

Town Hall "Angry Mobs" undermine Democracy

The Town Hall protesters are all over the news. They are scary, irrational, and loaded with false and misleading information.

We are, nevertheless, told that they are simply expressing their opinion and are allowed to do so by the first amendment. Well .... it is certainly true that these protesters have a right to speak. They should not be legally forced to shut up.

But please, let us call nonsense for what it is. Talk of "socialism," fears that Obama will "kill Grandma," or screams that the government must "leave medicare alone," and other far worse and even more ignorant remarks cannot and should not be taken seriously.

These "protesters" are ignorant folk who are duped by advertisements and think tanks. They are truly sorry and pitiful specimens. They don't have a "point of view" or a "position," they just have irrational, unfounded, and stupid fears. I'm not sure if we should cry for them or laugh at them or perhaps suggest a medication for them, but we must not pretend their views are worth taking seriously.

These people are ignorant and should be called ignorant. And some of them have gone beyond "free speech." Some protesters are now bringing guns, and shouting death threats. And even when these protesters don't go so far as to actually threaten life and limb, they shout down congressmen and opponents, effectively silencing debate, discussion and discourse. This spectacle is neither civility nor democracy, but an angry mob - wielding its torches to pursue the creature.

Here is a sampling of the hatred, irrationality, and ignorance of these mobs:

This is not a debate. The town hall protesters are ranting, raving, factually inaccurate, angry people. They do not have evidence and argument. They do not have a "point of view." These people have nothing more than rage and ignorance.

By all means let them rant and rave. But don't pretend they represent anything more than ignorant people who irrationally hate Obama and fear "liberals." Nothing more.

NPR has covered the issue of "health care mis-information" quite well:

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