Monday, August 17, 2009

Sick for Profit

I have written before of the basic argument against leaving the health care system in the hands of private insurers. To maximize profits a private insurance company MUST raise premiums all the time while at the same time denying care whenever they can. Profits cannot be maximized if sick people are actually cared for. This is really basic, it's not rocket science. The basic economics of this are well known.

Sadly the Obama Administration is now signaling that it is willing to drop a public option from health care reform. This would leave the private insurance companies in charge of the system. Some will be happy to hear this.

Very well then, if you want to champion the current health care system that we have, watch this video and know just what it is you are in fact defending:

After watching this can one really dare to say that our system is perfectly acceptable? That private insurance is really so good? Now let's take a look at a government funded system - one we don't normally look to: Sweden:

the most interesting thing about Sweden, is that it is a hybrid of public and private options and hospitals. This is precisely what the most progressive bills in congress right now propose, and it seems to work well.

No more lies please. Just look at the facts. Then sit an think for a moment. Medicare is government funded health care. Is it really so bad? Do you want your grandparents to lose their medicare?

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