Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush makes last minute move to prevent abortion

Before leaving us - which can't come soon enough - Bush has decided to sign into law a "Right of Conscience act." This act will give health care workers the legal right to refuse to assist or perform abortions.

Even worse, this act will allow pharmacists who don't believe in birth control to refuse to give it out! Worse yet, people whose religious beliefs cause them to oppose things like blood transfusions will not be compelled to allow them to happen!!

There can be, under this law, no stopping people from this. This is really pernicious . . .Hopefully the incoming Obama administration can quickly overturn it!

I understand and respect people who are pro-life. But this bill is an attempt to undermine the legal status of abortion, popular opinion and serious debate be damned.

And there are other problems with this Law, as Rachel Maddow explains:

See the full story here:

There is a petition you can sign to let the incoming Obama team know that you want this overturned:

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