Monday, December 15, 2008

Iraqi journalist shows us how history will remember Bush.

When the journalist hurled his shoes at Bush in Iraq, I could not help but think: How will Georgie W be remembered by history?

The answer is obvious. A failure, an idiot, a criminal of war, the American president who lied his country into a foolish invasion, implemented torture, suspended habeas corpus . .. I could keep going on but my post would be far too long listing the horrors, bumblings, atrocities, and uncountable number of scandals that crowd the tale of this appalling administration.

There really should be no debate on the fact that the Bush administration is a moral, political, and practical failure. But the question is, how do we best express it? In wondering how to say this myself, I stumbled upon a summary of the "Bush Legacy" by Keith Olbermann.

I think Olbermann pretty much captures it, so I'll let him sum up the Bush legacy for me:

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