Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rick Warren, Obama Invocation Choice, Causing First Real Rift With Progressives

I find this story very disturbing. Not that Rick Warren is a villain - far from it. But an Evangelical pastor leading the invocation??!!! I give up. Obama is just a right-leaning centrist Democrat . .. or at least that is how he appears to plan to govern.

All the progressive rhetoric is gone. Is this "change we can believe in"? Surrounding himself with hawks, Washington insiders, some of Bush's people, and evangelical pastors?! What is this?!!! This is not what I voted for.
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  1. I don't understand why it's such a huge deal. Could you explain why this particular move made you jump ship from the "guarded optimism" crowd and join the ranks of the critics and skeptics?

  2. Well, I suppose I am a bit irate and may not have really jumped ship. I'll have to let it sink in before I know what I really think.

    But the guy was a big supporter of Prop. 8 and is a megachurch style fundamentalist right-winger.

    It just seems that Obama is doing everything he can to give the right whatever they want . . . even to the point of courting evangelicals.

    This just makes me furious!

    Surely there were more liberal pastors he could have asked to lead the prayer? Why an evangelical celebrity??


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