Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New year's Resolution

My New years resolution this year will not be to drop ten pounds or learn to play the drums. Actually this year I'm vowing to go Green. Not that I have not tried before, but I'm gonna take it a little further. Here are some steps to go Green and help fight global warming:

1. Use an Eco- shower head. They have great ones at target.

2. Use only compact florescent light bulbs.

3. Recycle all things that can be recycled

4. Turn off the lights when out of the room.

5. Drive less, Bike, Buss, and take the train more.

6. Call your energy company as ask them to switch your power to green energy - most companies will do this.

7. By natural cleaning supplies - like seventh generation

8, Use paper that has already been made of recycled materials

9. Unplug cords when not charging things - such as cell phones.

10. Make your facebook green - their is an application for this!

Of course there are other things: writing our elected officials, signing petitions, making phone calls, and if we have the money buying a hybrid or electric car. I can't yet afford a Hybrid so that's out for this year's resolution. But we will see if I can make the rest!

Let's all make 2009 a year of real change with regard to our relationship with the environment.


  1. Here are a few more:

    11. Use an energy efficient computer, such as netbooks (and, of course, make sure they have a linux distribution pre-loaded. There are other reasons why you should do this (such as the href="">freedom it provides), but the green connection is that the applications and the operating system itself are generally less taxing on the CPU than Windows and hence use less electricity).

    12. Purchase locally grown food and other products.

    13. Eat less (or no) meat.

  2. Thanks Nate! I surely embrace those as well!


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