Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grassroots Healthcare Reform

It looks more and more promising that, with regard to health care at least, the incoming Obama administration is going to be looking to and utilizing grassroots reform. This from the Washington Post is very encouraging:


  1. Are you going to let the Pres. elect know you want the gov't to run your healthcare?

  2. Well . ... three points:

    1) The government runs our schools, fire department, libraries, roads, parks, post office, police, social security, military, Medicare and Medicaid Do you object to any of that?

    2) I have indeed emailed him and left comments on his forum at,

    3) Obama does not want the government to run health care. He wants the government to regulate the private industry in order to ensure quality standards, (you know like the FDA, or the EPA, but this would be the HPA), so I doubt he will agree to a government run program.


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