Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lunatic Right Wingers Blame Immigrants, Democrats, and Obama For Swine Flu

First a video clip. Olbermann exposes the right-wing attempt to make swine flue the responsibility of illegal immigrants:

Shameful! But it gets worse, Michelle Bachman said that it's "interesting" that swine flu happens during Democratic administrations (she's wrong, the last one happened during Ford's Presidency), and Rush Limbaugh said that swine flu resulted in Mexico from Obama's visit there!

And finally Glen Beck - that paragon of insanity, perversity, and villainy - not only blamed this on "poor border control," but claimed that swine flu was deliberately hyped-up by the Obama administration to pass their health care agenda!!!!

Here is Beck's claim:

Put this together with their continued defense of torture and you have something very crazy and very scary. Arlen Specter's deflection should wake the GOP up, but they seem to be merely slipping further and further into madness.

And it's quite sad. I'd like to see viable alternative parties. If the GOP continues down its plunge into such dark and terrifying places, there will really only be one party left - we will be a one party system.

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  1. Doc,

    Great article.
    As a former history teacher I can tell you that bigotry, racism, and hate explode greatly during an economic downturn. The masses must scapegoat, they must find someone/group to blame. The capitalists quietly hire illegals on the one hand at a lower wage rate while raging against the foreigners with the other.

    In Okla the dominant Repubs passed a law that targeted Mexicans. It was so anti illegals that it made it a felony for a good samaritan to unknowingly transport an illegal. This bill was so draconic that it sent thousands of illegals to bordering states (note: thousands of their children an American Citizens). The hypocrisy however came to light when it was discovered that many pro-republican businesses (building trades, restaurants,Wal-Mart, and others continued to illegally hire them

  2. Thank you Del. As always your insight and perspective are a blessing to have.

    I think it is so sad to see how racist some people are. Very sad indeed.


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