Monday, April 20, 2009

Newt Gingrich is a liar ... or he does not know history!

Rachel Maddow takes Newt and his buddies to task for their criticism of Obama's handshake with Chavez. It is very interesting that these "right wing critics" have no problem with all the dictators we "shook hands with" in the past. Just look at the picture of Rumsfield with Saddam Hussein during the Reagan years!

Oh I get it! When Bush holds the Saudi King's hand and kisses him on the cheek that's o.k. But how dare Obama bow to him?! Reagan can deal with Moscow and Noriega, but Obama can't talk to Chavez. It's o.k. for Republicans to consort with dictators and enemies, just not democrats. O.k. I get it now.

The strangest thing about this is I've yet to hear one person explain why they think Chavez is so bad a guy. What evidence do they have? He opposes American imperialism in Latin America and hated George W. Bush. That hardly places him in the ranks of Stalin and Pol Pot! Although it aligns him nicely with most of the rest of the world!

In fact, there is much positive to say about Chavez. And on any view he is hardly a dictator.

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  1. Hey Matt, being from Venezuela myself I have to post a comment about this. I think it was great to see Obama shaking hand with Chavez. People in my country have always loved Americans but they draw the line when the American government tries to medley with their internal affairs (just like any other country). I left Venezuela in 1993 so it was before he became president but 95 percent of my family stayed behind and they all love Chavez. And my family is not poor class either, they have money and businesses and they always tell me how things are much better now than they were 10-15 years ago when former presidents like Carlos Andres Perez, Jaime Lusinchi, Rafael Caldera and others have made off with Venezuelan money and they are living plush lives in Miami or Spain. They only drawback I see in Chavez is that he loves to talk and sometimes he says too much and goes too far. I am dissapointed to hear all the criticism Obama is getting for trying to mend differences with other leaders abroad. It's a matter of respect. Previous administrations have made the U.S. the most hated nation in the world and it's encouraging to see Obama taking a stand for what is right. Go Obama.

  2. Now the one thing I have to take you task on is that it is not the same for a shake of teh hand and a "kiss" on the check as it is to bow to someone.

  3. Victor! Thank you for your insight. It's nice to have. From what I hear of Chavez, he's done a great deal of good.

    And the United States has done a lot of villany in South America, no one sensible should deny that.


    yes a bow is physically different from a hand-hold and a kiss. But what follows from that? Is it obviously demeaning to bow. No. It is usually a sign of respect, and presidents have done it in the past with no criticism.

  4. The neocons hate Chavez because he will never be one of their puppets.

  5. hope his friendly meeting with Latin America translates in a real change of policy. I know he won't read the book Chavez gaves him (or its translation in any case), but he should. Chavez was right when he said before that Obama doesn't know the region and its history. This is a classic book. Once you read it you will understand where Chavez and others like him are coming from, even Fidel will make sense to you. One might not agree with all the methods and policies of these mandataries but there is no denying what motivates them. The book was banned by the right-wing dictatorships of the 70s and 80s serving the interest of the US with the help of the CIA. But we know what it says is true, and the book is well documented.

  6. Roger,

    I suspect you are right about why the neo-cons hate Chavez.


    Thank you! Very insightful. I think I shall pick up the book from Marquette's library (we have it there) and read it this summer.

    Chavez is the new Oprah! Everytime he mentions a book it skyrockets in sales!!


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