Sunday, April 12, 2009

Physical vs. Spiritual resurrection: Addition to the previous post

I want to stress a little further the difference between those who profess to believe that Jesus was physically raised from the dead and those, on the other hand, who think of the resurrection as objectively real but non-physical.

The case for a physical resurrection is made clear in this video clip:

I have to confess that this talk of Jesus moving in and out of Space-Time and the image of him taking off his death clothes and walking out of his tomb strikes me as weird. This is a thought world I cannot find myself able to live in.

The Case for a non-physical/Spiritual resurrection is made in this clip:

This view of the resurrection as spiritual but non-physical, makes a great deal of sense to me. On this view, one need not believe in the past resuscitation of a corpse, but one can have one's "eyes opened" and experience the living Jesus as a source of empowerment.

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