Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama says highspeed rail is coming soon

A highspeed rail system is badly needed. It will create jobs, improve travel, and if it works well reduce pollution from our overuse of cars. See the whole story here at Huliq News.

And Here is what Obama said today about his vision for the highspeed rail program:

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  1. I love trains. We need fast ones and more passenger trains.

  2. I am often frustrated about the over emphasis (and I am not saying you are doing this) of car pollution. Vehicles do produce pollution, absolutely, but they do not harm the earth as much as military pollution, industrical pollution, agricultural pollution etc. For instance, a single person pollutes the earth more my booking a flight to Disney land that driving in their car to disney land. Coporate American trains the focus of pollution on the individual and what the individual does when it is industry and the government that destroys the earth

  3. Roger, I too love trains, always have really enjoyed them!

    Mr. C, Fine points. You are dead right. Industry and a corrupt system is far more responsible for our problem than individuals. It would be a great mistake, if we were to blame individuals alone or even primarily for this problem.


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