Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Padres defeat Mets in Citi Park Opener

Maybe it is the fact that the stadium was bought and paid for by a bank bailed out with tax payer dollars from me and my fellow Americans? Tax dollars given to this bank to allow it to continue to exploit and deceive people to make its executives filthy rich.

Or maybe I just don't like teams from New York? I've long hated Eli Manning and his N. Y. Giants, and every right thinking person must hate the Steinbrenner Yankees - as one must hate any evil empire. So I guess the Mets might get some of that hate too?

Or maybe I just love it when my hometown San Diego Padres win!

Whatever the motivation: it gives me great joy to announce that the Padres are the victors of the first game ever played at the new Citi Park:

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