Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bill Moyers to Obama: "You are a weakling and a coward."

In this video clip Bill Moyers says, more clearly than any yet have, what is wrong with Barack Obama. In short, Mr. Obama is a coward. He is too frightened of Republicans, big corporations, the media, the "tea-baggers," and even his own Party. Mr. Obama is going to compromise away the lives and prosperity of the American People.

Here is Bill Moyers' video essay:

Remarkable! Bill Moyers is the most honest man in journalism and I thank God we have him. Barack Obama was elected largely by the efforts of liberal groups and the support of progressive members of congress.

But now, according to White House sources, Obama is going to drop his support (weak as that has been) for the public option and scold liberals who say they won't vote for a bill without a robust public plan. In short, Obama is going to complete what has so far has been the central tendency of his Presidency, he is going to throw those who elected him under the bus.

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