Friday, November 21, 2008

Bill Clinton's third term?

I still retain my hope that the Obama presidency will really bring about some real change. But I can't help but wonder if Obama is surrounding himself with too many Clintonites. I mean, granted, we need experience - and Democrat experience must come from the Clinton camp - but so few fresh faces and new directions? I'm not sure yet what to make of it. Not that the Clinton group was so awful, but we need to go beyond the Clinton-world if we are to really change American for the better.

Here is the latest on the Obama "Dream Team:"

On that note, I am greatly encouraged by the pick of Tom Daschle as HHS. It does indeed signal that Obama truly intends pretty far reaching health care reform. Perhaps not all the reform that is needed - in fact, probably not. But certainly some key steps in the right direction.

Daschle's book on Health Care reform by the way, is on my "to read list". I'll post a review up here eventually.


  1. Some of the lesser mentioned people involved in Obama's transition team:



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