Monday, November 24, 2008

The Obama Economic team.

I said that I would respond today to Obama's economic team.

A good analysis of the team can be found at

In short, Obama has chosen to go with seasoned veterans of the economic world. This means more Clitonites. The Largest problem is that Mr. Summers is going to be Obama's top economic advisor. Though he has experience and reputation, Summers forceful advocacy of deregulation is a major cause of the economic problem we are already facing. With Summers on board in so important a role we have good cause to be concerned about Obamanomics. mind you: concerned; not cast into despair, although This pick in particular makes me very wary of the Obama Economic team.

On the other hand, as today's press conference made clear, The obama team, despite Summers' past, is going to push - so they say - for re-regulation. Perhaps Summers has learned form past mistakes? let us hope so!
Regardless, the plan Obama laid out - to enforce and increase regulations, to stimulate the economy with aid, to create jobs in green energy - sounds like a good plan. I can only hope that Obama and his team can make the plan happen as Obama claims it will.

Finally, the pick of Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury seems like a very fine pick : And I like the idea of Bill Richardson in charge of commerce, as he tends to be quite successful at all he does.

For the full blown Obama Economic team information check here:

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