Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Shameful and Disgusting Catholic Sex Scadal

A report has been issued about sexual abuses in Irish Catholic Schools. Child abuse, both physical and sexual has been "endemic" in these schools for decades. This video from the BBC explains the situation:

It seems obvious to me that the reason these abuses are hushed up is because the Roman Catholic Church is a rigid hierarchy that insists upon absolute obedience to those above you. In other words, things are hushed up and people are told to silently and humbly obey. The only way then to stop these scandals is to loosen that Hierarchy. The church structure must be fundamentally altered in radical ways.

This is NOT by the way to condemn Catholicism as a whole. This is merely a criticism of the power and structure of a hierarchy that is so constituted that it's natural reaction is to hush up and conceal thousands upon thousands of physical and sexual abuses.

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