Saturday, May 2, 2009

Did American Agricorps create swine flu?

According to the following segment from Democracy Now, American pig farming in Mexico may very well be responsible for Swine Flu.

I leave you with the video and you can decide whether the case for this claim is good or whether it is as misguided as the right-wing claim that illegal immigrants caused it (which of course they did not!):

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  1. New cases of swine flu infection in Washington were announced !!!
    The video from the scene:
    swine flu infection-news!!!

  2. Genetic fallacy. Even if the flu originated from the factories of American Agricorps and the factory conditions increased the possibility of a viral strand that could mutate and cross over to humans, doesn't follow that they created any such thing, if by "create" is meant that they intended such a thing to happen.

  3. hmmm ... I don't know if create means intended? Perhaps it does. Now that I think about it, if I reflect on how we use the term, Creat seems to imply intention ... Of course they did not intend such a thing, perhaps therefore, "caused" is a better term.


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