Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gang Of Six Centrist Senators Demands Delay On Health Care Reform

We must learn the names of these "centrist" senators. They are engaged in a reprehensible tactic to stall health care reform in order to destroy it. Their motivation is to serve their corporate masters and continue to reap lucrative campaign contributions. They refuse to bite the hand that feeds them.

If any of these Senators are your representatives call them, write them, organize and rally at their offices. If they prevail the blood will be on their hands, but sadly it will be our blood.

They must be stopped!
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  1. If we can't pass heath care reform now then we never will. With Democrats in control of all branches of government and the American people on our side, the time to act boldly and swiftly is now. If health care reform fails this year then I think it's proof that we really are just puppets of big corporations for profit. We have to demand that these centrist Senators stand up and do what's right for the people. Great blog by the way!

  2. I think you are absolutely correct Conrad. It's now or probably never.

    thanks for your kind words about my blog.

  3. A big wake up call for me was when I got sick and found out that anti-biotics are cheaper in Egypt then they are in the United States. Something is not right about that.


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