Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Open Letter to Max Baucus

I wrote the following letter to Max Baucus, I encourage others to write his office as well:

Dear Max Baucus,

I do not live in Montana and so I am not one of those you represent; but I think that many of them share my feelings.

You are the largest recipient of Health Insurance Industry money in congress. This has disturbed me since I first heard you were in charge of Health Care reform.

Now we learn that you are ready to drop the Public Option. You are betraying the American people sir .

To be quite frank, you are opposed to the public option for one reason: your corporate masters' money.

You know that the only way to keep the private industry honest is to have them compete with a government funded public health care plan. This is the only way they will be forced to actually cover people and keep their costs down. Without the public option, the private health insurance companies will continue to hurt people without anything to stop them.

And yet, because of the money you have received, you are going to drop the public plan.

I a writing to speak to your conscience sir. Do you want to be remembered as a corporate stooge who stuck it to the people of America? Or would you prefer to be thought of as someone who changed America for the better.

Much lies in your hands. Insist on a public option ... don't negotiate it a way.

I call upon your integrity and your conscience sir. I also remind you that you represent the people that dropping the public open will harm. People will remember that Senator, and in turn you may find that you are not elected again.

Please ... DO THE RIGHT THING! Don't sell out America.


Matthew Wion

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