Thursday, January 21, 2010

Corporate Freedom of Speech

The Supreme court has decided that corporations should be permitted to pour unlimited funds into any and all United States election campaigns.

In practice corporations have owned our politicians for as long as there have been corporations. but make no mistake, this ruling is very bad news. This is not merely a case of making the corporate control of our country more explicit; that control has now been extended.

There were limits on corporate spending and corporate endorsement of candidates. A number of states had rather tight limits on spending and endorsement. Those limits have been destroyed.

The supreme court has declared that corporations may govern us. Our politicians will be merely corporate employees - our laws passed to maximize profit. Yes, I know that we are already far down this road, be we have now opened the door to go all the way down it.

This nation never was truly democratic. But the kernel of democracy has always survived despite the evils and failures of our country. At last the special interests have won. They have smothered the small and dying ember of democracy, they have extinguished the lone spark of freedom.

We are all slaves now. Slaves to our corporate masters.

In the years to come we will see the dismantling of social services, the total exploitation of the poor and working class, the tearing of the veil which for some time has hidden from us the true gap between the haves and the have nots.

I do not know if we are without hope. But I do know that unless we undergo an immediate and dramatic social revolution - I am not advocating a literal call to arms. The revolution we need must be a non-violent one - unless the people rise up from the grassroots and at last demand genuine democracy, then we are in for a long era of doom and darkness.

The moment is at hand. The time has come. We must stand up and be counted now. We must fight with all of our might for our freedoms, for justice, for the people. If we do not battle full force, we will not prevail.

The choice is now crystal clear: we must side with human beings or corporations. We cannot choose both.

Which will it be?

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