Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Spinoza of Market Street by Isaac Bashevis Singer

I have been reflecting of late on the role of reason and passion in our lives. What is the proper relationship of the two? Which is more central to what we are and what we should be? If either are. What exactly does it mean to be rational?

I won't attempt to answer these questions in a short blog post. Such questions are meditation for an entire life time. I do, however, recommend that we all reflect on them; and I can think of few better companions for such reflection than a very short short The Spinoza of Market Street by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Click on the link and read it. Basically the short story explores one man's flawed understanding of rationality and passion. The end of the story is a bit ambivalent and leaves one wondering if the story is a victory or a failure and what exactly, in the end, true rationality is.

Read it! You'll enjoy it and it will make you think.

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