Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ladainian Tomlinson to stay with the Chargers.

This is off topic for my blog: but I'm a die-hard Chargers fan.

I have been worried about my San Diego teams. Both the Padres and the Chargers have seemed headed in bad directions.

The Padres after all let go of Trevor Hoffman, which disappointed me until I learned that Hoffman signed with The Brewers. Since I now live in Milwaukee - that works for me!

But on that note: the Chargers were seriously thinking of parting ways with L. T. But this just in: Tomlinson is remaining a Charger!

I've hated the direction my Padres have gone, just look at the attemps to deal Cy-young winner Jake Peavy! But the Chargers, at least, seem like they still want to win.

It's good to know L. T. is not leaving the Bolts! I could have only accepted that were he traded to Green Bay - as it would bring him here.

He's not what he once was, but he still is L. T. And besides the man is taking a pay cut to stay with his team and his fans. Classy. And increasingly rare these days.

Just thought I'd share my joy!!!!!!! This is good news for us native San Diegans and Chargers fans everywhere!!!!


  1. Trevor Hoffman, would you consider him the best closer of all times? I'm glad he signed with the Brewers instead of the Dodgers. I'd like him to get to 600 saves!!

  2. You know it's hard to say with closers. I mean Hoffman is the post Eckersley model closer - a one inning guy. If you go back to Gossage or Fingers, they were 2-4 inning guys.

    So it becomes hard to say. But certainly Hoffman is among the best. I'd have died a little inside to see him as a Dodger!

    600 saves would be great!


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