Monday, March 2, 2009

Remember Dr. Seuss

Today is the Birthday of Dr. Seuss. Many of us learned to read with his books. Even more importantly many of us learned the absurdities of racism, materialism, and greed through his stories.

Dr. Seuss - like all of us - was not without his flaws (his depiction of and comments about the Japanese during WWII is a notorious example). But so many of us have learned so much from him, we will do well to remember the man.

In honor of this man I thought I should put up a video here of what I take to be his finest tale: The Lorax.


  1. Yes! One of my all-time favorites!

  2. I agree. I work at a nature summer camp and we always read this book. When we ask the kids what the story means, they seem to get it better than most adults do.

  3. It is interesting that you write that his characterization of the Japanese was one of his flaws.
    I wonder if you have read the book "Dr. Seuss goes to war : the World War II editorial cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel"?
    You may look at Geisel differently.
    I used the book that prompted UCSD to publish Dr. Goes to War, as a reference in a Holocaust class at SDSU.

    This is the second comment I've tried to post, but because I have no idea what profile I am, or want????? the first was lost.

    I'm going to try Anon. but Matt, I visited Aaron's mom while subbing at the H school last week.

  4. Ha! Well this time it worked! I shall check out that book, it sounds interesting. Geisal apparently made some negative remarks about the Japanese during WWII. But, I do know that he later regretted that, and even dedicated one of his books to a Japanese friend.
    Subbing at the school? Which course? I hope Peggy is still enjoying herself at Helix. I heard they had some scandals recently that really disturbed the faculty and understanably!


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