Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez is a fraud!

Big news today: Manny Ramirez is guilty of taking performing enhancing drugs and has been suspended for it.

I've long suspected Ramirez of this. Given the widespread availability of such drugs, we would have to believe that Ramirez was either taking them or was too ethical to do so: anyone who knows anything about Manny Ramirez cannot honestly believe he would refrain from using performance enhancers on grounds of principle!

Baseball has always been thought of as a game of ethics, integrity, teamwork, fair play. It is always sad to learn that this great game has been betrayed - even when, as in this case, it is not surprising.

Shame on you Manny Ramirez! Like so many others you disgraces this noble game!!!!

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  1. I'm with you Matt. Nowadays we are just waiting to see who is the next superstar to fall. It could be anybody. We've got four of the greatest players in this era, A-Rod, Clemens, Bonds and Ramirez whose careers are now tainted because they thought they could never get caught. What the heck are this players thinking? Are they thinking at all? Funny though how the Dodgers quickly took away the newly opened "Mannywood" area in their stadium as they learned the news. Watch them now recall all the Manny jerseys from their fans :)

  2. I think what really bothers me when this happens is that I'd like to believe that there is some real integrity in this world; some genuinely honest people.

    Of course I never suspected Ramirez was a person of Integrity ... still.

    What would Lou Gherig think of all this I wonder?

  3. Hey Doc,
    Just look at the stands.About a 1/4 full. It's not only the idolized players (whom everyone wants to beat up on) it's the owners, as well. The cost to a Yankee game is now over a c-note (who could afford it). The greed spills down to the vendors, the parking attendants, the ancillary businesses.
    I dropped watching the egos, the $$$,and the whining by both parties years ago.
    Catch this: I haven't missed a thing.
    I think Lou would have turned his back on them and sponsored Olympic Curling instead.

  4. Yes ... I think that it's a sad tale about Greed. Very said.


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