Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush officials should be prosecuted

Keith Olbermann makes the case that Obama must prosecute Bush officials who knowingly authorized and commanded torture. Can anyone seriously disagree? Does anyone think that these officials should be allowed to get away without any penalty for torturing people?!

I think Olbermann makes his case here:


  1. Olbermann's right on the money with that one. These so-called interrogation techniques are a) largely useless for obtaining reliable intelligence, b) unethical, and c) illegal. We the people allowed this to happen by a) voting for officials who would compromise basic ethical ideals, and by b) not raising our voice in protest; thus we are in a sense responsible for these heinous acts. If precedence isn't set, this could just as easily happen and be tolerated in the future. I hope that somewhere someone in the current administration watched this and carefully considered the argument.

  2. Yes. He is correct. A full investigation must be launched. This does not mean we can gather the proof to convict everyone guilty, but it does mean we should try.

    Olbermann can be a bit arrogant and one-sided, but usually when he nails it, he "really" nails it. His special comments are often quite impressive.


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