Friday, January 30, 2009

Rove still spits in the face of the law

I wrote a news article for Huliq News a couple days back celebrating the fact that Karl Rove was called to testify before congress:

In that article I expressed my hope that this would be the beginning of those who engaged in illegal acts in the previous administration finally facing justice.

But we now see a setback, it appears Karl Rove still thinks himself above the law! And says he refuses to go before congress!!!

Keith Olbermann explains:


  1. You seem to be unaware that executive privilege is a very old, well established doctrine that was used by the Clinton administration to evade Congressional inquiry into its activities.

    What the Democrats are doing smacks of bananna republic politics: we won, therefore we are going to punish those on the losing side.

  2. I am not unware of the long history of executive privilege. I simply find it morally repugnant. I was not happy with Clinton appealing to it either. In fact, I was not very happy with Bill Clinton! But that's another story.

    in fact, NPR has an interestig story on executive privilege:

    I do not think Rove can claim it here.

    As do "The Democrats" "punishing losers." Numerous indiiduals in the Bush Administration, Rove among them, are guilty of criminal acts. Those who authoried torture, faked intelligence to lead to war, misled the pubic, leaked Valermie plame's name, fired attorneys' solely on Partisan grounds, illegally arrested people, illegally wire-tapped . . these criminals need to e brought to justice for the good of the nation.

    We have been stained by Bush and his people. Let's do what we can to remove that stain.

  3. I recently uploaded a video dealing with the topic of bringing members of the former administration to trial. My co-host replied much like Jonn McAdams. My response was simple. If a laws appear to have been broken, justice requires something to be done. This is just as true for the crack dealer on a street corner as it is for those surrounding a president and his administration. As it is said, "Justice is blind."

    It has only come to appear like "gotcha" politics because politics has become so partisan. It having become so makes prosecution of wrong-doing virtually impossible! Republicans turned a blind eye to their own wrongdoings. Democrats wink at their own. So if anyone makes a move towards justice, it is always against "the other party." Then the entire thing is publicly tarred as being partisan! All the while, people whistle away the day, never considering for even a moment that partisanship has become so rampant that the only time justice is demanded is when an opposing party is in power and willing to push for it. Of course, even this is rare, as each party has blood on their hands, often from dipping into the same criminal dish as those they are wishing to bring to justice.

    A sad set of affairs. Sad indeed...

  4. Well, McAdams as a PoliScie professor and scholar undoubtly knows more about the history and legality of "executive priveledge than I. But I have to agree with you. This is a question of justice!

    But I obejct to executive priveledge anyway. It seems to excuse all kinds of madness and crime. And exactly as you say, it helps this awful partisan political feud that does nothing but hurt America.

    Of course, I also don't like the fact that the we are suppossed to have thre co-equal branches of government, but so called "executive priviledge, puts one branch above the others!!


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