Friday, January 30, 2009

Where is the promised Health Care reform?

The stimulus has passed in the house and is poised to pass in the senate. Some aspects of the stimulus are good, like education and Medicaid, others are far too little - i.e., infrastructure, other aspects are concessions - tax cuts. But on the whole it seems a big stimulus package is needed.

Still, we need much more for infrastructure, and I want to hear soon that Health care reform is underway - RADICAL Health Care reform!!!

Granted, there will be more money for health care directed toward children, the poor, and the unemployed. And that is a very good thing. But where is the promised comprehensive reform that Obama spoke of throughout the election and transition team periods?

I see no sign of the needed change. And I'm not alone, in the N. Y. Times today, Paul Krugman expressed some deep concerns that we will not see health care reform:

Krugman notes that the reform may still be coming, but why was it no part of the stimulus? why is there no mention of a bill yet? Of course it is still less than two weeks into Obama's presidency, so we can be patient, but let's be vocal too!

This should make many of us uneasy. Let's hope our doubts and fears are wrong, but let's recognize the need for them.

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