Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HBO Cuts Gene Robinson, but youtube delivers him

HBO cut the prayer given by Gene Robinson. This is of course appauling. However. someone taped it there and put it on youtube. Proof that the internet can bypass the corporate media and networks.

I particularly like that the Bishop asked us to dissent and to question the platitudes we are fed. In fact, I suspect his statements of doubt and dissent are the reason HBO did not televise his prayer, rather than any issue with his sexual preference; though that is also possible of course.

Now compare Robinson's very thoughtful prayer to Warren's prayer:

I think Warren's prayer was well spoken. Solid rhetoric, and some nice sentiments about unity, inclusiveness, and the truly marvelous victory of our first African-American President. He was a lttle too "America is better than everyone else" for my taste, but not a bad prayer.

Still, I wish that Bishop Robinson would have been featured equally with Warren and not relegated to "off-air" status.

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