Monday, June 15, 2009

If Jesus were a Health Insurance CEO

Just imagine if Jesus operated the same way the health Insurance industry does. The gospel story would read like this:

Once when they were passing through Capernaum, a blind man cried out to Jesus. And the blind man said to him, "Lord, help me!" And Jesus said unto him, "what would you have me do for you?" And the blind man said "Lord, help me to see again." And Jesus sat down and wrote with his finger on the ground and would not answer. But the crowd pressed Jesus for an answer. So Jesus got up and said unto the blind man; "I am sorry but I cannot heal you. I'm afraid that you have a pre-existing condition. Health care is not a human right and you have no right to expect the state to take care of you when you cannot afford to pay." And Jesus left the blind man for another village.
One need only read the gospels to realize that Jesus never did or would refuse to heal anyone. The health insurance industry, on the other hand, makes massive profits precisely in collecting premiums while denying care. Som
ething is clearly wrong with this!

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