Monday, June 1, 2009

Pro-Life? "Abortion Doctor" murdered.

I seldom post anything about abortion. The reason for this is that, though I support the legal option of abortion, I respect and have sympathies with those who think abortion should be illegal. I understand where they are coming from. I think the issue is incredibly complicated and difficult and can see why people can believe what they do.

So please do not take the following as an attack on all those who think abortion should be illegal. It is not. What I am about to say is not about all or even most of those who think abortion should be illegal and would call themselves "Pro-life." Taking the stand that abortion is never morally permissible is not a stand I take, but it is - in itself - a respectable and comprehensible position.

What I am concerned with is the use of "Pro-life," as some kind of cloak for a general world-view brimming with hatred and violence.

First, there is the murder of a doctor known for performing late term abortions. The following video provides the details (note carefully what the last man interviewed says):

Of course there are very few people who actually shoot such doctors (though this is hardly comforting knowledge for the bereaved). But, importantly, there are many more that feel such men deserve this. And that is the issue. A large segment of our population holds that those who perform abortions - and those who support the legal choice of abortion - are evil baby killers who should be "done away with." Most would not do it themselves, but they are not necessarily sorry to see it done.

This is a serious problem. So-called "Pro-choice" people are seen here as evil and vile; not as people who have made a decision on a very difficult and complex moral issue.

And let there be no mistake. Reflect a moment on the facts of embryology, the tragedy of rape and incest, threats to the life of the mother, the kind of life a child will be born into, the squalor of poverty and the impossibility of feeding another mouth in much of the world ... you may take in these complexities and issues and still oppose abortion, but you cannot consider these facts and think the matter is easy or obvious or that there is no room for honest disagreement.

The second concern was the reaction of certain groups to President Obama's speaking at Notre Dame. He was called a "baby killer," and a "bloodthirsty man." Alan Keyes insisted that Christ would never vote for Obama. These groups had no problem with Bush speaking at Notre Dame. Bush killed thousands in illegal wars, had prisoners tortured, held policies that - unless rapidly altered - will destroy the environment, and put more people to death as Governor of Texas than any other State leader (also against Christian beliefs!). All that was just fine for these folks, but abortion is just "beyond the pale."

Here is the bottom line: These groups are not motivated by compassion for the unborn. Their lack of compassion for the thousands of Iraqi people (including babies and the unborn!) killed by our invasion shows this clearly enough. They hate and despise what they decry as the "liberal" world-view and way of life. They are reactionary conservatives who cling to the decadent past of sexism, racism, homophobia, nationalism, imperialism, and narrow-minded exclusivism of all types.

Just read some right wing blogs and web pages, you'll see just how much of the motivation here is hate and not compassion.

What this is all about is hatred. These groups hate progressive forces, hate change, detest emancipation ... and, lacking any sound arguments for their blind and narrow ideology, they pick out the most damning charge they can find .... "you liberal, feminists, gay-loving hippies .... you . ... you KILL BABIES!."

This is what it all comes down to.

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  1. Jesus wouldn't have voted for either.

  2. What has always amazed me about the anti-abortion faction is the willingness that they have to dictate how others live their lives and establish a single system of moral beliefs. These people want to legislate people's own self-determination--to what the definition of marriage should be and the belief as to what constitutes life and a human being. These people want to legislate the family and legislate other's morality--to enforce on other's what they consider to be the 'right way of life'. It is about domination and eliminating those who are different.

  3. Fundamentalism leads to violence. Pure and simple.

  4. Well Said Roger! I agree entirely.


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