Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees!

For those who wish to "compromise" with corporate greed and vested interests. For those who will water down or erase the proposals for public health care, while the victims of privatized insurance suffer and die. For those who put political expediency above morality and conscience and simple humanity. For these, I have no words.

But many of them profess to follow a man who had sharp words for the elites - the "haves" - of his day. For those who would exploit the poor for their own benefit, for those who sided with the forces of oppression and empire, this man had no words of praise, but many of condemnation.

Here are those words, courtesy Pasolini's Gospel according to Matthew (the words come straight from the text):

President Obama and ladies and gentleman of the house and the senate: with whom do you stand? The elites who defend the power structure? The corrupt who exploit the poor for personal gain? Or do you dare to stand with that social revolutionary critic of all systems of domination and exploitation that you profess allegiance to?

Your actions regarding health care reform this summer will let us know where you really stand ... which side you really fight for.

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  1. Matt, sometimes I think that even Jesus would find it hard to deal with some of the idiots that reside in our world. Hypocrisy seems to be the order of the day. The scary part is that if these people were stupid, you could almost understand their actions. A great deal of them, however are not stupid. And there is the rub. I can't understand how having some 43 million people covered by insurance, who are not currently covered, can be anything but good for the economy. More people going to Doctors would mean more nurses, doctor office personnel, pharmacy workers would be needed. More jobs created. If you have more jobs, more people could pay taxes or make co pays. More healthy people, less people sick, more job productivity. Less out breaks of illnesses. And, if you have more people insured, whether private insurance companies or the government pays, services could be provided for less, because of the sheer volume. So I would have to say to Mr. Obama, or anyone who wants to compromise, get some oballas. Everyone needs to be covered. no exceptions can be tolerated. Get your heads out of your rears and get this done now. And, since I have mentioned tolerance, Civil rights violations cannot be tolerated whether you are in Israel, China, Iran or East Podunk. Any way that is my two cents worth. Dad.


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